S-CAM+ For Resellers



scam+ reseller
scam+ reseller

Now you can also be a Hellobox SCAM+ Reseller and can renew scam+ server of your clients.

on the order page, it will ask you to upload any image file. There attaches your business card. It will help us to manage our resellers and we will release discounts regularly.

How it will Work?

  1. We will send you 10 scam+ renew code.
  2. You can renew 10 Hardwares with these activation codes.
  3. All 10 codes will be different.

The Process is the same as LCODE Reseller. You just need to scan the System info qrcode by “Dvbfinder Application” and then it will ask you to enter scam+ subscription code. Just Enter the code which we sent you after your order. When you will press ok after entering Scam+ code then you can see Extended Renew validity on your mobile screen. Your client just needs to restart satellite receiver and after working internet connection they can see Extended scam+ validity on Scam+ Screen.


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